Howdy, I'm Mallory.

Web Developer and Content Strategist

Welcome to my home page. This is where I hang my hat of sorts. All of my writing, poetry, and links to my favorite things can be found somewhere around here. I’ve got my resume and portfolio here too. So kick off your boots and feel free to poke around. 

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Considering building a website for your side project or business? Looking to spruce up that old site for your blog? Wondering why your site isn’t getting the visitors you thought or seeking to get an experienced content writer to provide you with some new posts to make Google take more notice of your old site?

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Poetry is an expression of emotions and a method of therapy. Reading others’ and seeing them perfectly describe something I was so desperately attempting to shape into words often gave me hope. This is my attempt at that for someone else.

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Ramblings are just were my brain gets a little turned around and maybe falls off the pony. Longer than a tweet and less polished than essays.