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8 Weird Ideas to Make You Question the Ways of The World

Do you think the people who came before us would be disappointed?

Going beyond the impressive people who history remembers like Aristole, or Lewis and Clark. What about the average ones? The standard guy who gathered firewood, or the weaver girl who made clothes for the local market. What about the Indian brave leading the party to find the survivors of Custor’s stand, or the guy who went around changing the first light bulbs. Would they be disappointed in us? In the progress we have made, in the science we have discovered, in where our culture has gone? Would we have disappointed the people in our past?

How does God/Allah/High Power pick the winning side?

Were the prayers of Natives less fervent than those of the colonists? Why did we win when we fought England? Wars alter the entire world and change the very pattern of society. How does God decide who wins? Are the winners holders of a higher morality or luck? Will we one day be on the wrong side of war without understanding why?

If personality isn’t permanently like Benjamin Hardy says, can addictive personality be unlearned?

Benjamin Hardy wrote a great book called “Personality Isn’t Permenant”. In it he discusses how our personality traits are not things we are born with but things we learn. I love the book and believe that personality can be altered with conscious choice and practice. But lately I’ve been wondering if some parts are exceptions to this rule. For example, I have an addictive personality. I have been addicted to self harm, to sugar, and to video games. I get caught up fast and then can’t get off the hook. I have learned that about myself and am super careful. I never let myself get even buzzed for fear of liking it too much. But like most folks who have been addicts, I still get cravings, can still get triggered. Can that be unlearned, be changed? Can addicts no longer be addicts?

Is there a single perfect person for everyone? Or is love a choice?

So many marriages end in divorce, so many people cheat these days. Could it be because there is a perfect person for everyone? Any relationship with someone who isn’t your “one” is doomed to fail even if its years later. Or do you find someone you are able to choose to love regardless of everything. We have gotten terrible at being able to choose love. Maybe we are unable to take anything less than perfect so we lose the love we have?

Do cats understand that they have a reputation for being sarcastic little jerks?

Cats always seem to get the short end of the stick. Everyone jokes about how they are ungrateful and think of people as servants. But lots of times cats are sweet and loving and provide amazing companionship. Yet no one can ignore that they definitely seem to enjoy being a tad evil on occasion. Could it be that they are sweet companion animals? They have learned that we make jokes about their sarcastic temperament and lean into it sometimes. Sort of like how women have learned to lean into the narrative that they are feeble minded to move things in their favor on occasion? Are cats conning us?

Shouldn’t mental illnesses be considered terminal?

Terminal illnesses are illnesses that will take your life and that haave no cure. There is no cure for any mental illness right now. You cannot be cured of depression or bipolar or a host of others. Treatment is possible, handling symptoms is possible, but a cure does not exist. I can go years without symptoms but my depression is nevr not there. I need medication every day to keep the symptoms at bay. Many other sufferers of mental illness do the same. My depression will either be the cause of my death or I will die still sick with my depression. Is that the definition of terminal? I’m not trying to be all dark and gloomy. Just something that has crossed my mind.

What are teachers’ purpose?

We claim teachers are meant to educate our children in skills that will be vital to them later in life. Yet once kids get past about 4th grade we can’t claim to be teaching them essential skills anymore. They can read and write. So there we stop. We teach commas and history. We could be teaching other things like health, finance, cooperation, and creativity. If teachers are the wise elders meant to mold our children into confident, conscious, contributing members of society, shouldn’t we be more careful about who takes up the profession? Shouldn’t we give those who are entrusted with our children more incentive to do a good job? Shouldn’t we be more serious about what wisdom we want given to our kids? Or are they babysitters?

If God/Allah/Higher Power judges us for our lies, do the lies we tell ourselves count against us?

I’ve always heard that lying is a sin and it was driven into me that I should avoid telling untruths. Do all untruths add tally marks against my soul? Even the ones that are white lies said in humor or as a compliment. “I love that shirt”. “Your new hair cut is totally amazing”. What about the ones I tell myself and then fall short? “I promise I won’t snooze my alarm tomorrow.” “This is the year I’m gonna write that book.” Have all my little lies to myself put me in bad books with the Higher Power?

What are some of the weird deep questions that bounce around in your mind? Leave me a comment and I will write another post with some of the best ones that made me think.

Thanks for reading Y’all