Mallory Baskin

Web Developer and Ghost Writer

About Me

A little background about me, my experiences, my writing, and the services I offer

Mallory in her Bridesmaids Dress

Who I Am

So I am Mallory Baskin, a southern girl in the tech world. I love the internet, freedom, writing, and dogs. I have a stubborn streak a mile wide and a drawl that gets stronger when I get passionate. I’ve been a dairy worker, a dog rehabilitator, a cashier, a help desk operator, an Apple specialist, a web site creator, a writer, and a few other odd things in between. My hobbies include writing, getting as much puppy time as I can, talking to cool people on Twitter, and thinking of ways to give my parents minor heart attacks. 

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What I Do

I make websites for creators, small businesses, and personal brands. I put a unique focus on getting your website traction through an SEO based content strategy. 

What I Write About

Most of my writing here is stuff that I am personally interested in. This is generally focused on mental health, education, self-improvement, and my own emotions and experiences. My writing for clients has spanned the entire range of topics from wedding planning, to technical how-tos, to travel guides, and lots of things in between. I am not afraid of research and love digging into topics to produce a great article that will generate visitors time and time again.