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Mallory Baskin

I Am Not A Writer. I’m A Poet

I’ve always been a poet, since fourth grade when my teacher introduced the idea that we could put things down on paper without the proper punctuation and still make people feel things. Poorly penned adjectives trying to explain feelings I didn’t understand in a shaky scrawl pairing down words I couldn’t spell started flowing from

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90 Day Sprint Explanation

90 Day Sprint Explanation I have decided to start taking on 90-day projects or sprints. These experiments will focus on a singular goal and could be skill-focused, earnings-focused, health-focused or something else altogether. There will be a specific deadline obviously as it is a 90-day challenge. However, it won’t necessarily be a pass or fail

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pen with flowers on paper

Dear Little Jersey

Dear Little Jersey The days grow short Time expands Flashforward Eyes closed Still sunlight I hear you laugh Your grin When it’s alright The sad half smile Only your back recognizes The secrets I struggle to hold The ones you half show But I’ll wait Because I learned Only yesterday Friends end fast So I’ll

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Ramblings #01

Newsworthy Facebook went down. Instagram went down. Whatsup went down.  We are in the middle of a pandemic where people are being forced to take medication they don’t want under the guise of saving those who are already gone. But Facebook was down.  Twitter had a sudden upswing in users. So one platform goes down

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Sidewalk in Sunlight

Poem #01

Poem #01 – Just Me Don’t face me I’m not your flag to salute Don’t look to me I’m not your savior to say thank you Don’t blame me I’m not your darkness to fall prey to Don’t hate me I’m not your past to run from Don’t love me I’m not your other half

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