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Mallory Baskin

Love Is Quiet

Some of us are just that way. It’s all feelings, hard, fast, and simple. We give out passes like raffle tickets, handing them out to any and everyone. We leave the gate to our hearts open. Learn a secret, ask for them all, and be given them gladly. It is simply not glass and china, […]

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Mallory Baskin

8 Weird Ideas to Make You Question the Ways of The World

Do you think the people who came before us would be disappointed? Going beyond the impressive people who history remembers like Aristole, or Lewis and Clark. What about the average ones? The standard guy who gathered firewood, or the weaver girl who made clothes for the local market. What about the Indian brave leading the

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Ramblings #01

Newsworthy Facebook went down. Instagram went down. Whatsup went down.  We are in the middle of a pandemic where people are being forced to take medication they don’t want under the guise of saving those who are already gone. But Facebook was down.  Twitter had a sudden upswing in users. So one platform goes down

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