Mallory Baskin

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Mallory Baskin

Dear Kid,

Dear Kid…

In the back corner,

I see your phone out during free time. I’m not blind. But I pretend to be because I know that the other kids don’t talk to you and you always say yes ma’am to me, giving me respect that is hard to find in these classroom cages.

Asleep at the 2nd desk,

I don’t appreciate the snoring. But there are whispers in the hallway that you work some long shifts after school, and I know you are the only man in your house right now. You slept through class because I kept the kids from waking you. Sometimes rest is more important than a daily grade.

With the button under your collar,

Your jean jacket looks good with your rainbow button. But I would hide it here too. I did once. It will get easier to be who you are once you are out of this microcosm where physical strength and money decide the status. I flashed my bracelet hoping you would notice and know. You have a safe space here.

Who always wears long sleeves,

I know how you are self-medicating, I have the scars myself. Someone who knows doesn’t tend to buy the cat scratch excuse. Try some ace bandages or tattoo sleeves when the jackets get too hot. Clean the blades and your arms. Please talk to us before the cuts go deep or the blood gets addicting. I have been there too. There will be no judgment here.

Staring at the computer screen,

Just ask. This is not a test and I am not interested in how much you know; I want you to learn. Just because the other kids flew through this, it does not mean you can’t have questions. Three or thirteen, I will answer them all. I bet you can weld better than they can and I’ve seen you hit a baseball. Kids aren’t stupid, they are just different. Computers aren’t your thing. Ask the questions and we will get you through it.

Dating that popular boy,

You are older than him, smarter than him, more mature than him, and deserve better than him. I saw him hit you, and I saw you play it off with your friends. No one should ever lay hands on you in anger. That isn’t ok no matter the reasoning and it is a sign of things to come. You deserve to be happy and with someone who encourages you, instead of talking you out of your dreams. High school does not have to be where soul mates are found. Don’t settle just because he is here. Please be safe.