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This is a constantly updated page of some of my favorite things, my best blog posts, and other info I think you might find helpful if you have somehow stumbled this far. Enjoy!

Links that Changed My Life

How to Development Mental Toughness – In this blog post by Tim Ferris, he highlights some of the awesome people in his book Tools for Titans. Some of these quotes struck home for me. It got me looking up Spartan Races, Amelia Boone, and dreaming of one day making my suffering worth a medal. It is still on my list.

20 Things I Should Have Known At 20 – I can’t remember when I found this but it’s good for any age. It is real advice that everyone needs to come to terms with sooner rather than later. It also led me to the writer Julien Smith who has had an amazing life and a huge influence on what I believe I am capable of in business. 

20 Pictures Will Teach You More Than 20 Books – Ben Hardy is an amazing writer. If you haven’t you should check out his book Personality Isn’t Permanent. This was the first post I ever saw by him. I love the fun way he captures lessons that are often buried in tons of dust and pages. You won’t regret reading this and the pictures might just find their way to your phone wallpaper like they did mine.

50 Ideas That Changed My Life – David Perell is who every writer wishes they were. Lots of this site is created based on his advice. This is the post that introduced me to him and got me hooked on his unique way of thinking and a belief that writing could change my life. 

6 Harsh Truths – Ok be warned this article has a lot of bad language and the site has plenty of ads. But the content in this is gold. Honestly, this could be the only one of these links you click on and I bet your whole worldview will have shifted. Seriously. Just read it.

My Best Posts

Warning: Some of these are currently located over on Medium where I still write. I would love for you to follow me on there. But just a heads up that some of these links will carry you off this site.

Leaders and Seconds – This one did a lot better than I thought it would. Bosses make such an impact on the work environment and some of us are not cut out to be leaders. We are made to be teams. 

8 Weird Questions – Want to think a bit outside the box? Get inside my head a little and listen to some of the things that pop up.

Art Can Change You – I think we have a skewed version of what art is. This is a look from my perspective of how art can come to find us and what it can leave us with.

Separation of Church and Gay – My look at how I was raised and the internal struggle of becoming aware of being gay as a Christian

Random Things and People That Impacted Me

Disclaimer: Some of these links are affiliate links and will take you to sites that will try to sell you something. I will get a cut of the profits if you do make a purchase. This does not increase your price and I will not put anything on this list that I have not bought myself at full price and used with good results. 

Life Assessment Worksheet – I struggle with depression and have almost all my life. I made this worksheet to help me make changes and get a life I was happier with. I am confident in its ability to help you figure out where you need to start focusing your time and energy to create a life you love.

Nate’s Course Holy Shift – This is a financial course that absolutely blew my mind. It has me completely restructuring how I do things with money and looking at cash and banks in a whole new light. I was able to pay off some serious credit card debt with the tools he teaches and the support from Nate and his business partner. They are great Christian guys and have become good friends. I promise you won’t be disappointed in this purchase. 

@SamyDindane – He is an awesome guy and the Founder and CEO of Hypefury, which you should totally check out if you are into Twitter at all. I watched him grow his company from beta testers to multiple thousands a month. We aren’t super close and but being able to see his story has been such an inspiration that I would be remiss to not mention him. Go follow him on Twitter if you like automation, coding, and business. 

Tim Denning – Tim is a self-help author that I first found on Medium. He is one of the top writers there and has generated a large following and a large paycheck from the platform. However, what drew me to Tim was his past. He has a past like mine, filled with darkness and war with himself. Seeing someone with such a story put it on paper and use it to help other people convinced me that wanting to do the same thing wasn’t just a pipe dream. I owe a lot to him. 

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