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Mallory Baskin

Love Is Quiet

Some of us are just that way. It’s all feelings, hard, fast, and simple. We give out passes like raffle tickets, handing them out to any and everyone. We leave the gate to our hearts open. Learn a secret, ask for them all, and be given them gladly. It is simply not glass and china, […]

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Mallory Baskin

Logical Love

Everyone says “Love isn’t a feeling” “Its a choice” That terrifies me Only relationship I’ve ever had has been long term And real But I’ve always been good at smart decisions Logical choices What if this thing Me and her Is just the logical choice Not fate or stars or magic No more butterflies or

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Mallory Baskin

Movie Breakup

Breakups in the movies are always a long time coming. They are loud and violent. Smashing and yelling and anger and tears like waterfalls. Mine wasn’t. They don’t show you the breakups like mine in movies. My breakup wasn’t planned. It wasn’t something I was dreading and it wasn’t some deep dark suspicion that was

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